Holiday Style

Hi All

Welcome back to Feather me Silly. As you know I have been soaking up the sun and avoiding the Melbourne winter in Bali. Can I just say what an amazing place with loads to do including beautiful places to stay, yummy restaurants and world class shopping. Also, worth noting the hospitality of the Balinese people is second to none.

I did say I would do a piece on beach/island style. Whilst in Bali there were so many amazing boutiques including Bali Boat Shed, Bamboo Blonde , Magali Pascal and Tropicana to name a few. These are fantastic places to update your wardrobe plus add a few new accessories. I find the style to be a mix of current trends as well as classic summer pieces. For example there were loads of maxi dresses but they were updated with cool patches and had that kawaii style that has been all the range down under. Also, these pieces were made for day and night not just a day by the beach or pool. But most importantly it means that you can bring back more than a Bintang singlet or any cheap knock-offs.

So whilst sipping on cocktails and lying by the pool it got me thinking if I can wear some of these new outfits in Melbourne. Quick answer, yes in summer. However, the thought popped into my head that I bought all these clothes and where am I really going to wear them…??

I bought this awesome playsuit from Bamboo Blonde (in the blue version – not on website at this stage) as I figured it was first flattering and will keep me cool, but is a playsuit that is in fact easy to get in and out of.


Now that I am back in Melbourne I took it out of my suitcase and realised I am probably not going to wear this unless I go to the beach. I don’t have buyers remorse but I a struggling to figure out how this piece and others I bought fit into my Melbourne wardrobe of neutrals and basics. It would be fine at a night out in Bali but at home not so much.

I am still pondering this and I know I will find a way to fit it in my wardrobe. I don’t give up that easily so when I do I will let you know but until then its unfortunately going at the back of my closet 😦

Here are a few more happy snaps from my trip


Question of the week: What do you do with your new threads once you get home from an idyllic getaway?

See you next time xoxo


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