Hi All

I love to discover new things in the city I live in as well as explore the unknown. I have been over the last 2 weeks discovering why I love Melbourne so much. I was at Simply Spanish who just won the best Paella outside of Spain and what a yummy experience that was. Definitely worth a try if you are in and around town.

The other worth noting is Melbourne has a very unique style. Yes, you can spot a Melbournian by the fact we all love black and other neutrals but there is a bit of mix and match in design. At the moment I see a lot of Korean and Japanese street style mixing in. I see oversized coats on with massive patches and slogans that don’t necessarily translate to English but still look very street and cool. I see girls turning away from heels and digging sneakers from a range of different brands and the backpack is back yeah!!! (Coming soon the best backpacks to pick up)

My point is Melbourne is eclectic and takes a lot of inspiration from the rest of the world; the best of NYC, South east Asia, London and everywhere in between. Check out below some of my looks over the last few weeks…



See you all next time xoxo

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