What’s next?!?!

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As a bag lover I am always looking at what the next great bag will be. I am sure we all remember the Chloe Paddington days…lucky for me I admired that from afar. I believe the bag is like carrying a brick but hey it was pretty right.

I always have a few things that are a must before I even begin to think about purchasing. Is it functional, does it require too much care (my Prada suede bag is a reminder of that), lots of internal pockets for organisation and will it only be around because its “on trend”.

I have always had a love affair with Prada, I own one of the first saffiano lux totes, the one without the double zips. I absolutely adore that bag as it is chic and perfect for the working business woman. It elevates all my outfits.

Lately I have been on the hunt for another Prada bag but I only really love the Galleria and the double bag which is too much like my original one. I try not to repeat myself. I did see the Prada Inside bag and at first meh. Its not really interesting and felt boring. But now I have completely changed my tune and can say I feel it is very unique in design and is understated.

I did see one of those paparazzi shots of Cate Blanchett wearing it and given she is like my style icon I was like SOLD!


Now I don’t actually want to buy this from the Prada boutique I want to get it second hand. People might go are you serious but I have purchased many designer bags from reputable sellers and consignment stores on ebay and speciality websites dedicated to luxury items. Every experience with these places have been fantastic and because I look for pretty much pristine condition I rule out a lot of the too good to be true stuff. I have not been disappointed when my packages arrived and because I always do my research prior I know exactly what I am getting.

I am set on this so have been scouring the internet for this and have yet to find it but I am super excited as the hunt is always the most fun. In terms of colours I am favouring neutral colours like Cate’s black; or a tan and even grey would be great! I would like a bright interior as well. All of this needs to be fulfilled before I hit the purchase button I won’t settle for less

The only other thing I was potentially thinking about would be the Gucci Boston bag but in one of those seasonal prints. Below is the exact one I am looking at but I feel the Prada is a better purchase. What do you think?


Any strong opinions on these or would you go for something completely different.

xoxo feather me silly



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