Going Rogue


Welcome back and apologies for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. I have had a massive couple of weeks in my day job and it has been tiring with all the long hours.

In the last couple of weeks I have managed to be quite successful in obtaining some of the items I have been on the hunt for. If you have seen my Instagram you might already know what this is. The others including my search for the perfect Prada Inside bag will come soon, so stay tuned!

I have been in love with the direction Stuart Vevers has taken Coach in. I had at one stage felt the brand had lost its identity as it went through an obsession with monogram and a lack of great design and direction. However, over recent years the Borough, saddle and Rogue bag have grabbed my attention. I have fallen back in love and am especially excited about the varsity collection. I had seen this collection on Instagram and knew it would be sometime before it hit Australia so when I popped into the flagship on Collins Street I asked when this would be expected. They were extremely helpful and said they would call me when the collection came in. I must say if you need anything from Coach here in Melbourne go to St. Collins Lane as they have visibility on stock and when its coming as well as fantastic advice in choosing items for yourself or as gifts.

Lo and behold last week I received a call and asked if they had the Rogue varsity in the stock they received. They said they didn’t but there were others worth coming in for. I was deflated and not as excited anymore but on Thursday I decided to make a trip to St. Collins Lane just to see what they did get in and maybe see if the varsity jacket was in.

When I asked my lovely SA if they had the Rogue Varsity she asked me if I had a looked at the window display and too be honest I had not, but there it was my bag the one I had been eyeing off for ages! I have been waiting for the right Rogue to buy and this was just AHHMAZING!

There was another one that caught my eye with detailed embroidery but I felt it was a bit delicate for me and too western/cowboyish.


In any case I made the jump as you can see from my reveal pictures. After a few days of use I must say it is very versatile with both a top handle for the crook of your arm or shoulder straps. There is one major compartment but the front and back both have space to slide your phone and papers in. I think you need to be careful not to overfill the front and back as the bag will bulge and lose its shape. The main compartment is a canvas like material and the front and back are lined with a beautiful suede in a lovely saffron colour. The sides of the bag are also in a navy suede. The combination of leather and suede is brilliant in use of texture and look.

I see this as something unique in my collection and something that is very much on trend at this moment. I adore the patches that cover it and the sporty vibe it has. I am glad I waited for the right one and now I am the happiest girl in the world.

I hope you enjoyed my review and reveal. An aside I am waiting for Coach to call me when these gorgeous jackets come in.

See you next time xoxo



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