Success is so sweet

Hi all,

A few weeks ago I announced that I was on the hunt for a Prada Inside bag. This would be my next purchase. I love the Prada boutique and the one at Chadstone is stunning but after much thinking I decided the price was out of budget for me. Pre loved it is then!

Once this was decided I began the hunt. To be honest this is my favourite part and I love it just as much as receiving my chosen dream bag. My first port of call was pre loved websites such as Fashionphile and Yoogi’s Closet which have a vast list of items across different brands. I have purchased items before and have always been happy with the bag and the description of the condition. Customer service has been good as well with a clear policy on returns. There was a Prada Inside bag that existed on one of these websites that was black with a nude colour for the “inside bag”. It was stunning and the price was reasonable and within the budget I set myself. But…

I don’t like to purchase without seeing other options. I could miss out on something else.

My next place is of course eBay. Considering the Inside bag is not as popular as the saffiano lux totes or the Double and Cuir bags I was not liking my chances. In any case once I searched I came across one that was pretty much new and came with all the dust bags and tags. The seller had put it up for bidding which I am happy to do if item checks out and I don’t go outside my budget. My only issue was with the pattern. The inside part was a vibrant aqua blue which was not a deal breaker for me. The main colour however; is and I find as I get older I tend to gravitate towards neutrals rather than anything too bright or busy. My wardrobe is suffering from the same issue.

To cut a long story short with me going back and forth between whether to bid on the eBay one or just straight purchase the one I initially fell in love with. The only difference was if I could win the one from eBay I would be at the lower end of my price range, a win right there and at least majority of the colour was black! In the end I decided to bid on eBay after doing my research and confirming that the bag was the real deal. Also, realistically I may not even win the bid and that would set me back to one option.

It turns out I got very lucky and won it at basically the staring price. So then the waiting began and it came 2 weeks ago. I had not had a chance to wear it but basically last week I took it out for a spin. The pattern it turns out is amazing and came from the mens ready-to-wear line which they turned into the pattern for some bags in certain colours.


What do you think? If you have seen my Instagram you would have already seen but I think its pretty great. I was hoping to get some more modelling shots but didn’t have much time (terrible excuse I know) and I don’t even have a shot yet of the inside and the shade of blue. More to come…

Also, on a side note if any of you out there are interested in purchasing a luxury bag pre loved I can do the leg work for you so you get the bag you have been wanting without the price tag. Drop me an email at

xoxo feather me silly

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