Louis Vuitton PM Agenda

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the long time between posts it has been a crazy month with my day job keeping me busy. A few major projects I had going have gone through so been working weekends as well.

I just want to quickly post about my latest find. Something that I have been looking to get my hands on for ages. The problem being the style has been discontinued from Louis Vuitton. Yes, I am talking about the multicolour range. I know you can get some items in store if they have left over stock but online there is nothing.

I have been looking for the Louis Vuitton MM agenda in black multicolour for a while and have turned to the second hand market. Ebay has always been a good source but you have to do your research to avoid fakes or poor condition. I purchased my agenda from a Japanese based Ebay store All_Japan_brand_shop and they were fabulous to deal with. Unfortunately no one really had the MM size so I had to settle for PM but that is ok with me as it is probably better for everyday in my handbag. I was right it fits nicely and does not make my bag heavier than it is.

They shipped really quickly and the item was graded based on condition with a detailed description. When it arrived today it was exactly as I expected so I am very happy with that.

I am dying to get personalising and will be looking for custom inserts and diary pages. I love agendas and being a planner addict. 🙂 I have two in the office and prefer using these over notepads. If you are interested in seeing me show you all how I use my agenda let me know in the comments.

In describing my experience with second hand and consignment stores I would say please don’t discount them as you can get some great deals for a fraction of the price. Best of all you can get discontinued and limited edition pieces that are not in store anymore.



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