Christmas Time

Hi Guys

l hope you enjoyed your Christmas and Santa brought you what you wanted. If you are down under it is now SUMMER. I am on a short break from work so thought I would show you a few Black Saturday purchases (I know a bit late) and the lucky gift I got from my hubby…hint its Dior and I might save that for later. The other thing I wanted to say is I am going to most likely be doing some videos as well as I feel thats the next step for me. I got a new camera for this so happy to test this out. Also, I will be able to show you more of my bag collection and how I use them.

First I have been loving what Chloe have been doing lately. Yes, I fell out of love with them after my Paraty bag kind of lost its shine. I still love the design but the hardware left marks on it 😦

Anyways, I have loved the Drew and Faye bags but after doing research I felt the Faye was for me. However, watching some video reviews I was left feeling that it might not be right. People say the way you pack it causes it to be bulky. Then I believe this season they released the Chloe Faye in a backpack version. Even better than that is it came with a shoulder strap so you can wear it as a shoulder bag too!! How cool is that!

In any case I did not find much info on the bag so while I was waiting it sold out everywhere except in the mini size which I was not too keen on. In the meantime one of the channels I watch had an unboxing of the Chloe Faye. I have linked the video below also  as it gives good reference. Best of all she is Aussie so that makes it easier for converting prices and what sites offer Aussie shoppers the best deals.

I managed to get it from my go to site unfortunately it was not part of their fantastic sale. I originally wanted the pale blue colour but no such luck as cannot find this  anywhere but as it turns out the Mottle grey colour is beautiful and a very lovely neutral.

I love the original Faye but this is next level when I saw it. I absolutely love the functionality of it. I have taken it out for a spin on Friday and must say it is great so far. I will be getting some better modelling shots out and about with my new camera.


Here are some pictures and I am in ♥

xoxo feather me silly

Dior reveal coming up next week. Also, I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year. On a side note I am saddened by the death of Carrie Fisher and as a huge Star Wars fan we have lost our Princess. May the Force Be With You Carrie…

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