The holy grail of bags

Welcome back everyone.

I promised to talk about the fact that I got my holy grail of bags for Christmas. To be honest it was not a surprise as I picked it up but it has been on my list as THE bag. I have wanted this since it came out and ranked it as my #1. People have coveted the Birkin and Kelly and yes I can understand the beauty of these bags but I am not sure it really is for me. Also, of course the price is a big factor there too.

I have been wanting the Dior Diorever ever since I saw Jennifer Lawrence’s campaign for it. It is unique in its design but when I saw it in that crinkled silver I fell in love.


OMG look at that colour, it looks out of this world and you must see it up close to appreciate what Dior has done. When I went to the Dior boutique in David Jones I asked to see it in the silver and they showed me two versions; this one and one with a more grained silver with silver handles instead of white. I think the latter is newer but I was in love with this one.

They also showed me a black crinkled leather version from the 2017 collection and now I had two that I could see myself wearing. What to do??? My SA was super sweet and told me to go to lunch and think about it and she told me I would know after sitting on it for a while. If anyone follows me on instagram I posted both and asked what you thought too. In all honesty the silver is amazing and lots of bloggers have it but I was not convinced I would reach for it in 5 years. Also, I felt that maybe the black was more special considering that not everyone has it. With this in mind I chose the black!

I have been using this bag this last month and I must say that the size is perfect, I chose the medium and it fits all my essentials. I think the large would be useful if you want to take your laptop in it and use it predominately for work. I usually wear it open as per the image above but I do close it every so often for a change or if its in the car to keep my things secure.

I have taken some pics below of me out and about with it…

I have also been eyeing the Diorama bag as well so safe to say I am a slave to Dior. Also, worth mentioning that the service at Dior in David Jones is second to none.

See you next time guys.

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