The next big thing

Hi all,

Being a bag lover I am always on the look out for new designs and new brands. Aside from new styles from the luxury brands I am probably more interested in what is happening from up and coming designers.

I discovered Parodie Officiale who are based on instagram and have a few bloggers carrying their styles. The first thing you will notice is that there is a lot of similarity with Hermes Birkin and Kelly styles obviously they have made it their own with patches etc…but still with the same bag shapes as the Hermes. Some might say it is bordering too close to the originality of these classic styles. I personally do not condone a complete imitation but I do find these days bags are always taking inspirations from others. Take the flared sides of the Celine luggage tote that has filtered down to every high street brand and most certainly borrowed from Celine and before Celine somewhere else.

In any case Parodie Officiale were easy to deal with in terms of ordering and I ended up choosing the Tilda style which is like the Kelly. The leather is super soft and the bag is well constructed. I am loving the patch on it and I feel this makes the bag something special and sets it apart from others.

I am hoping that they come out with more colours but for now they have a pretty good fan base and I can see them being successful. Check out some pics of me and out and about with her.


If you can check them out on Instagram and if you want to order you need to email them directly as they have no online shop.

xoxo feather me silly

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