Am I insane???

Hi All

Welcome back  I know its been a while but I am back up and running. I am busy planning my next venture into social media. Will not give it away but will let you know as soon as I can.

Has anyone noticed the massive trend for bag straps. I’ve certainly seen the big design houses selling straps on its own but not just any plain strap, heavily embellished in a range of colours and textures.

I for one, thought it was a bit pointless to spend $1000 plus on a strap when you could probably get a wallet or another small leather goods, or even save for a bag! But I have since changed my mind by seeing people with a plain bag and a jazzed up strap and how it transforms the bag.

I did some research and saw that the Fendi you straps were at $1500 for the ones with the studs but was not willing to pay that price. Louis Vuitton was my next stop and they had some really nice thick straps for under $1,000. I saw the Vuitton race strap and knew I loved it when I saw it. This was from the same collection that they did with the Alma and Speedy in the racing car stripes.

lv race

In any case as much as I hated to admit I knew I was going to own one as soon as I tried it on my bag. I could use it for all my bags with a strap and it would add a bit of fun to my bags each time I took it out! Unfortunately LV at Chaddy did not have the one I wanted so tried the leopard print one but was not 100% sold best to leave it as I might regret it.

The Collins Street store had the racing version and I jumped on it! It was so much fun to try it on my bag and the others in store. Currently its been hanging off my Diorever…so happy about that.

lv strap

I will take some modelling pics with some of my bags but at the moment I am just enjoying having this new accessory in my collection. I will have another reveal too and looking to do a shoot over the next couple of weeks. 🙂

See you next time lovelies!

feather me silly xoxo

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